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Degree Type:BACHELOR
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AAS 312 Field/ Industrial AttachmentView Description
AAS 301 Analytical Methods In Animal Nutrition45View Description
AAS 303 Population And Quantitative Genetics45View Description
AAS 305 Ration Formulation45View Description
AAS 306 Livestock Production Systems45View Description
AAS 307 Molecular Genetics45View Description
AAS 308 Draught, Laboratory And Pet Animals45View Description
AAS 309 Game Farming, Aquaculture And Apiculture45View Description
AAS 310 Feed Resources45View Description
AAS 311 Beef Cattle & Camel Production45View Description
AAS 401 Dairy Cattle Production45View Description
AAS 402 Feed Manufacturing Technology45View Description
AAS 404 Sheep And Goat Production45View Description
AAS 405 Animal Breeding90View Description
AAS 406 Special Projects And Oral Presentations90View Description
AAS 407 Pig Production45View Description
AAS 408 Biotechnology In Animal Industry45View Description
AAS 410 Poultry Production45View Description
AAS 411 Animal Products And Processing45View Description
AAS 413 Research Methods And Communicating Science45View Description
AAS 414 Animal Health Management45View Description
ACP 406 Weed Management Practices45View Description
ACP 301 Breeding For Resistance To Insects And Diseases45View Description
ACP 302 Plant Disease Epidemiology And Seed Health45View Description
ACP 303 Pesticides And Phytosanitory Regulations45View Description
ACP 304 Environmental Management45View Description
ACP 305 Crop Pests And Their Management45View Description
ACP 306 Field AttachmentView Description
ACP 401 Diagnostic Studies Of Crop Pests45View Description
ACP 402 Diagnostics Of Crop Diseases45View Description
ACP 403 Postharvest Pests And Diseases45View Description
ACP 404 Plant Mycology And Bacteriology45View Description
ACP 405 Plant Virology And Nematology45View Description
ACP 407 Special Projects And Oral Presentations180View Description
ACS 302 Plant Breeding 1: Principles Of Plant Breeding45View Description
ACS 303 Seed Science And Technology45View Description
ACS 304 Agroecology45View Description
ACS 305 Introduction To Population And Quantitative Genetics45View Description
ACS 306 Statistics 11: Analysis And Design Of Experiments45View Description
ACS 307 Crop Science Field AttachmentView Description
ACS 308 Horticultural Crops45View Description
ACS 309 Industrial Crops45View Description
ACS 401 Ornamental And Landscape Horticulture45View Description
ACS 402 Fruit Production45View Description
ACS 403 Vegetable Production45View Description
ACS 404 Postharvest Physiology And Technology45View Description
ACS 405 Plant Breeding Ii: Plant Breeding Methods And Applications45View Description
ACS 406 Field And Laboratory Experimentation45View Description
ACS 407 Physiological Aspects Of Crop Yield45View Description
ACS 408 Introduction To Molecular Genetics45View Description
ACS 409 Special Projects And Seminars90View Description
ACS 410 Biotechnology45View Description
AEB 302 Irrigation And Water Management45View Description
AEC 301 Firm Accounts And Planning45View Description
AEC 302 Production Economics And Firm Management45View Description
AEC 305 Principles Of Resource Use And Management45View Description
AEC 306 Analysis And Planning Of Agricultural Projects45View Description
AEC 308 Field/industrial AttachmentView Description
AEC 355 Seminars45View Description
AEC 401 Environmental And Social Impact Assessment45View Description
AEC 402 Intermediate Macroeconomics45View Description
AEC 403 Agricultural Extension And Technology Transfer45View Description
AEC 406 Institutional Economics45View Description
AEC 407 Intermediate Microeconomics45View Description
AEC 408 Micro Enterprise Development And Management45View Description
AEC 409 Business Taxation45View Description
AEC 410 Agricultural Marketing And International Trade45View Description
AEC 411 Quantitative Methods In Agricultural Economics45View Description
AEC 415 Rural Development45View Description
AEC 455 Special Projects And Oral Presentations45View Description
AJC 310 Aetiology Of Disease45View Description
ASS 301 Application Of Remote Sensing & Gis In Land Use Management45View Description
ASS 302 Environmental Soil Chemistry45View Description
ASS 303 Applications Of Soil Physics45View Description
ASS 304 Soil Biology And Biotechnology45View Description
ASS 305 Soil Survey And Classification45View Description
ASS 306 Utilization And Management Of Wetland Ecosystems45View Description
ASS 307 Soil Fertility And Fertilizer Use45View Description
ASS 309 Field AttachmentView Description
ASS 401 Land Evaluation For Agricultural Landuse Planning45View Description
ASS 402 Watershed Management45View Description
ASS 404 Soil Erosion Assessment And Impact On Land Productivity45View Description
ASS 405 Hydrology And Agrometeorology45View Description
ASS 408 Soil Testing And Plant Analysis45View Description
ASS 409 Special Projects And Oral Presentations90View Description
Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACH 101 Chemistry For Agricultural Sciences45View Description
ACS 101 Agricultural Botany45View Description
ACS 106 Introduction To Agriculture45View Description
AEC 101 Communication Skills45View Description
ASS 101 Landforms And Soil Formation45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ABC 101 Biochemistry45View Description
ACS 104 Introduction To Plant/crop Physiology45View Description
ACS 105 Principles Of Genetics45View Description
AEB 101 Introduction To Computers And Information Systems45View Description
AEC 102 Microeconomics45View Description
ASS 102 Principles Of Soil Chemistry45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACP 201 Principles Of Plant Pathology And Disease Control45View Description
ACP 202 Agricultural Entomology45View Description
ACS 201 Principles Of Crop Production45View Description
ACS 206 Statistics 1: Introduction To Statistics45View Description
ASS 201 Soil Microbiology And Biochemistry45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AAS 201 Principles Of Animal Production45View Description
AAS 202 Animal Genetic Resources45View Description
AAS 206 Principles Of Animal Nutrition45View Description
ACP 101 Microbiology45View Description
ACP 203 Principles Of Weed Science45View Description
ACS 202 Plant Propagation45View Description
ACS 204 Ecology And Agrometeorology45View Description
ACS 207 Pastures And Fodder Production45View Description
AEC 202 Macroeconomics45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACS 301 Field Crops45View Description

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