Jeph Odhiambo with other Students from Kenya, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia.

Jeph Odhiambo a student leader and fresh graduate at LARMAT,  has always dreamt of expanding his horizons and acquiring knowledge in the field, he was passionate about- agriculture. Born and raised in Kenya, he knew that in order to make a significant impact in the agricultural sector, he needed to pursue higher education beyond his undergraduate degree. After months of research and planning, Jeph decided to set his sights on Israel, a country renowned for its advanced agricultural practices and cutting-edge research in arid regions. He had heard about the Arava International Center for Agriculture Training, located in the Arava Region of Israel, which offered a Higher Diploma Program in Sustainable Agriculture. This program was exactly what Jeph was looking for, as it focused on sustainable farming techniques tailored for arid environments. He is graduated with Bachelor of Management of Agro ecosystems and Environment, in 2023.