Degree Code:A25
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:4
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACH 101: Chemistry For Agricultural Sciences45View Description
ACS 103: Mathematics45View Description
AEC 101: Communication Skills45View Description
ARM 101: Introduction To Range Management45View Description
ASS 101: Landforms And Soil Formation45View Description
AVP 101: Animal Physiology45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ABC 101: Biochemistry45View Description
ACP 101: Microbiology45View Description
ACS 104: Introduction To Plant/crop Physiology45View Description
ACS 105: Principles Of Genetics45View Description
AEB 101: Introduction To Computers And Information Systems45View Description
ARM 102: Range Ecology I45View Description
ASS 201: Soil Microbiology And Biochemistry45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AAS 201: Principles Of Animal Production45View Description
AEB 201: Power Systems And Machinery For Agriculture45View Description
ARM 201: Plant Taxonomy45View Description
ARM 203: Basic Wildlife Biology45View Description
ARM 205: Natural Resources And Man45View Description
ASS 202: Environmental Soil Physics45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AAS 202: Animal Genetic Resources45View Description
AAS 206: Principles Of Animal Nutrition45View Description
ACP 201: Principles Of Crop Protection45View Description
ACS 207: Pastures And Fodder Production45View Description
AEC 202: Macroeconomics45View Description
ARM 204: Principles Of Wildlife Management45View Description
ARM 202: Range Ecology Ii45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ARM 308: Range Field PracticeView Description
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACS 306 : Statistics 11: Analysis And Design Of Experiments45View Description
AEC 301: Firm Accounts And Planning45View Description
ARM 301: Principles Of Range Management60View Description
ARM 305: Methods Of Rangeland Analysis45View Description
ARM 307: Dry Land Agro-forestry45View Description
ASS 301: Application Of Remote Sensing & Gis In Land Use Management45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AAS 303: Population And Quantitative Genetics45View Description
AEB 302: Irrigation And Water Management45View Description
AEC 302: Production Economics And Firm Management45View Description
AEC 304: Agricultural Policy And Law45View Description
ARM 302: Range Plants And Their Values45View Description
ARM 303: Pastoral Production Systems And Dryland Securities45View Description
ARM 304: Range Livestock Nutrition45View Description
ARM 306: Bees And Bee-keeping45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AEC 403: Agricultural Extension And Technology Transfer45View Description
ARM 401: Human-wildlife Interactions45View Description
ARM 403: Range Problems, Projects And Seminars45View Description
ARM 405: Economics Of Livestock Production45View Description
ARM 407: Range Appraisal And Range Planning45View Description
ARM 409: Range Livestock Production Systems45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AAS 414 Animal Health Management45View Description
ACS 410: Biotechnology45View Description
AEC 412: Agricutural Marketing And International Trade45View Description
ARM 402: Global Development And Ecological Sustainability45View Description
ARM 404: Range Improvement And Rehabilitation45View Description
ARM 406: Range Resource Economics And Policy45View Description
ARM 408: Environmental And Social Impact Assessment45View Description
ARM 410: Range Research Methods45View Description

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