The Kenya Rangeland Restoration and Conservation Action Group was formed as a follow up to the Kenya National Landscape Restoration Scaling Conference held on 9th to 16th July, 2021, where it was recognised that there is a need for special attention to rangeland restoration in Kenya. The conference stimulated a lot of discussions, chief of them, the need to accelerate the momentum of landscape restoration in Kenya by bringing together and linking multiple dimensions of the efforts. It also created synergies to upscale the various institutional restoration initiatives including those by grassroot communities.

The Kenya Rangeland Restoration and Conservation Action Group brings together actors in the protection and restoration of rangelands to promote their restoration through joint action. The purpose of the action group is to: (1) Identify and prioritize key issues to support action in Kenyan rangelands; (2) Clarify each of these issues in a dedicated session in view of promoting actions supporting rangelands conservation and restoration. Invite members to prepare contributions/inputs to share and discuss (see list of key issues). Share some solutions/experiences of some actors in overcoming these issues/bottlenecks and using opportunities; and (3) At the end of each session/meeting, compile a list of actions and lead organisations (for each action) and how group members can support each other.