About Us

The Department of Land Resources and Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT), through training, research and community service aims at enhancing sustainable Natural Resources Management and development of technologies suitable for sustainable livelihoods and informing policy. It has consists of two major sections, Range management and soil science.

The section of Range Management strives to produce a critical mass of experts with a good understanding of the rangeland ecosystems and production systems to further research for the purpose of informing decisions, and guiding formulation of appropriate policies. Our training and research emphasize sustainability science as the basis for informing interventions and adaptations that will confer resilience to the dryland ecosystems and livelihoods, especially in the face of socio-cultural, economic and biophysical changes that are exacerbated climate change.

Since 1980s, the University of Nairobi has been the leading institution in dryland training and research in Sub-Saharan Africa and has continued with the mandate of providing leadership in dryland resource management in the region to date. Our PhD, MSc and BSc programmes are deliberately designed and regularly reviewed to respond to changing needs of the industry, as well as the contemporary challenges as they arise. The section of Rangeland Management endeavors to produce holistic graduates, future policy makers and innovators in Dryland ecosystem and livelihoods.