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Innovative Agroecology and Agrobiodiversity Training Course (AATC) for undergraduate students

Prof. Richard Onwonga,  Dr. Janeth Chepkemoi,  Mr. Noel Templer

Contribution of different Farming Systems to Soil and Ecological Health in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya

Dr. Janeth Chepkemoi 1, Prof. Richard Onwonga 1, Mr. Noel Templer 2, Mr. Elkana Kipkoech 3, Ms.…

Herders’ Perspectives on Climate Variability and Livestock Diseases Trends in the Semiarid Rangelands of Northern Kenya

Geoffrey L. Lelenguyah, Moses M. Nyangito, Oliver V. Wasonga, Kenya Rawlynce C. Bett, 

Effects of Watering Regimes and Planting Density on Taro (Colocasia esculenta) Growth, Yield, and Yield Components in Embu, Kenya

Joyce Wambui Njuguna, 1 Anne N. Karuma, 1 Patrick Gicheru, 2 and Richard Onwonga

Effects of Watering Regimes and Planting Density on Taro.pdf
Joint XXIV International Grassland Congress and XI International Rangeland Kenya 202

Oscar Koech, Moses Nyangito, S

‘Engaging policy makers to address bottlenecks that stop sustainable utilization of Prosopis by communities in Kenya’

Dr. Oscar Koech and Carolyne Kyalo

Low public participation and weak rules threaten exclosure sustainability in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

 Haileselassie Ghebremariam Araya, 

Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Grazing Management Practices Under Pastoral Regime in Tana River County, Kenya

Lutta, A. I., Nyangito, M. M., & Wasonga, O. V. 

Morphological and productivity responses of Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) and Guinea grass (Panicum maximum) ecotypes to simulated grazing in a semi-arid environment

Use value of indigenous range grass species in pastoral Northern Kenya

Erick Ouma Omollo*1, Oliver Vivian Wasonga1 and Evans L. Chimoita2