The Vice Chancellor, University of Nairobi, has appointed Prof. Richard N. Onwonga  to serve as chairman of the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT) with effect from June 24, 2021. 

Prof. Onwonga is an accomplished member of staff with over ten years of teaching and research experience. This is in addition to supervision of postgraduate students, student mentorship and outreach services.

Design of trucks for long distance transportation of cattle in Kenya and its effects on cattle deaths

In Kenya, the distance between the livestock production areas and terminal markets is vast, making livestock movement a necessity. The condition of vehicles transporting livestock is, therefore, an important factor for animal welfare and meat quality. These two parameters are particularly compromised over long durations of transportation. Consequently, economic losses along the livestock value chain may result.

Employer perceptions and attitudes towards agricultural university training in Kenya

Agriculture is the backbone of most Sub - Saharan African economies accounting for 40 % of the GDP and 80% employment. Yet agricultural graduates have not been able to “hit the ground running” upon graduation. This study assessed the quality of agricultural graduates from Kenyan Universities in terms of relevance to job market demands.