Dr. Oliver Wasonga and Dr. Staline Kibet on 17th September 2020, attended Knowledge Brokering Workshop organized by Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) as a prelude to the postponed Adaptation Futures 2020, which was to be held earlier this year

It is the first of a series of Monthly webinars planned before the Adaptation Futures Workshop. The knowledge brokering learning exchange workshops are called at capacity building, particularly on linking knowledge to policy and practice as a way of ensuring research is demand driven and properly targeted to address contemporary challenges. Today's webinar focuses on the various approaches used in engaging the stakeholders (communities, policy makers, development agencies and researchers) to ensure research and development are not only relevant but also effective in informing policy and practice. Dr. Oliver Wasonga and Dr. Staline Kibet from the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT) recently received grants to implement "Socially inclusive adaptation knowledge for resilient livelihoods in northern Kenya (SOAK) project” from IDRC with support from CDKN. SOAK project that follow up of ASSAR project that ended in 2018 where they were led scientist from the LARMAT, University of Nairobi.