Doctor of Philosophy in Range Management


    Skilled manpower trained at the post-graduate level in rangeland resource management is limited in most African countries.  The majority of the rangeland resource managers in the region have been trained abroad where training is not appropriate for the African set up where the mode of production is largely labour-intensive, low capital subsistence pastoralism.  Trained skilled manpower is expected to act as a catalyst for enhancing the productivity and human support capacity for pastoral systems in the region.

    1. The degree programme shall consist of research by thesis. 

    2. The common regulations governing Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in the University of Nairobi shall apply. Accordingly the following rules will apply.
    3. The programme shall take a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years.

    • Holders of a Master of Science degree in agricultural related disciplines, Range management, Soil science,  biological sciences, environmental sciences or in natural resource management or an equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by senate.

    • Holders of Masters degree in relevant social sciences recommended by the faculty board and approved by senate.

    To  equip trainees with relevant skills to enable them participate in the rehabilitation, rational management and efficient utilization and conservation of arid and semi-arid land resources, Range management , Natural resources management and related fields 

       Year I    Year 2    Year 3   Total 
    TUITION                    432,000.00                  432,000.00                       432,000.00                1,296,000.00
    ICT SERVICES - (PER YEAR)                        7,000.00                       7,000.00                           7,000.00                      21,000.00
    THESIS EXAMINATION                                     -                                      -                           50,000.00                      50,000.00
    REGISTRATION (PER SEMESTER@2250)                        4,500.00                       4,500.00                           4,500.00                      13,500.00
    ID CARD ( PER YEAR)                        1,000.00                       1,000.00                           1,000.00                        3,000.00
    CAUTION - (ONCE)                        5,000.00                                    -                                          -                          5,000.00
    MEDICAL FEE (PER YEAR)                        6,500.00                       6,500.00                           6,500.00                      19,500.00
    ACTIVITY-( PER YEAR)                        2,000.00                       2,000.00                           2,000.00                        6,000.00
    LIBRARY (PER YEAR)                        5,000.00                       5,000.00                           5,000.00                      15,000.00
    STUDENT ORGANISATION(PER YEAR)                        1,000.00                       1,000.00                           1,000.00                        3,000.00
    EXAMINATION (PER UNIT @1000)                                     -                                      -                                          -                                       -  
    Grand totals        464,000.00      459,000.00          509,000.00    1,432,000.00
    Mode of Delivery

    Research by thesis

    Contacts of support persons

    Prof. Kinuthia Ngugi