Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Prof. George Gitau and Prof. Charles Gachuiri during Stakeholders’ Consultation Session in Isiolo

The University of Nairobi has been providing technical backstopping to VSF-Suisse under the collaborative agreement signed in August 2020. Since 2023, the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT) has been supporting VSF-Suisse under the Biovision-funded “Building drought resilience for pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in Samburu and Isiolo Counties”. Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga has been leading capacity building of the pastoralist communities and County Government officials on participatory rangeland management; sustainable management and utilisation of Prosopis juliflora, particularly its use for livestock feed and charcoal briquettes in Samburu County.

Between February 19 and 25, 2024, the University of Nairobi team comprising Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga, Prof. George Gitau (Department of Clinical Studies) and Prof. Charles Gachuiri (Department of Animal Production) joined VSF-Suisse in stakeholders’ consultations and inception of the new project: “Strengthening the drought resilience of (agro-) pastoral communities in Isiolo County through innovative use of an invasive plant as livestock feed (INNOPLA).


The project will support two PhD students and one MSc student from LARMAT, and one MSc. Student from the Department of Animal Production.

Abarea Abubakar Rhoba (MSc. Dryland Resource Management, LARMAT)

Research Topic: “Analysis of communities' perceptions on Prosopis invasion, impacts, uses and management options”

Edward Musya (MSc. Animal Nutrition & Feed Sciences, Animal Production)

Research Topic: “Determination of nutritional quality, performance, safety and storability of Prosopis-based feed rations”

Haron Akala (PhD Range Management, LARMAT)

Research Topic: “Spatial mapping of P.juliflora using GIS and participatory approaches”

Josephat Mungoche (PhD Dryland Resource Management, LARMAT)

Research Topic: “Systematic literature review on Prosopis spatial distribution, impacts, management, utilisation, and lessons learnt in Eastern Africa