Mr. Richard Osaliya successfully defended his PhD thesis titled: “Impact of Land Use/Cover and Climate Change on Surface Water Resources in Semi-Arid Lokok and Lokere Catchments, Uganda” during a virtual oral examination convened by the Faculty of Agriculture on November 3, 2021. Richard was registered in the Department of Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology (LARMAT). Dr. Oliver Vivian Wasonga (LARMAT), Prof. Geoffrey Kironchi (LARMAT) and Prof. Mwonjololo Majaliwa (Makerere University) have supervised his thesis work.

Mr. Richard Osaliya | Global Waste Cleaning Network Oliver V. Wasonga, PhD. | Senior Lecturer | Range Management Section |  Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT)  | University of Nairobi)Prof. Geoffrey Kironchi | DEPARTMENT OF LAND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT &  AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY   Former RUFORUM Principal Investigator (PI) now Full Professor at Makerere  University – RUFORUM

Mr. Richard Osaliya                Dr. Oliver Vivian Wasonga     Prof. Geoffrey Kironchi    Prof. Mwonjolo Majaliwa

Richard will be required to revise his thesis based on the recommendations from the committee of examiners, and submit the final thesis for approval and award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Dryland Resource Management of the University of Nairobi. 

Congratulations Richard Osaliya