Participants group photo

The University of Nairobi has just successfully co-hosted the Volkswagen Foundation – Grantees Meeting together with a long-standing international collaborator, the German Institute for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Agriculture (DITSL).

The meeting was organized under the Volkswagen Foundation initiative: “Knowledge for Tomorrow” initiated in 2003 to: Contribute to capacity building and sustainably support academics throughout Sub-Saharan Africa; provide African junior academics with opportunities for scholarly advancement; and make African-German collaboration contribute to develop and extend academic networks.

The objective of the meeting was to continue the dialogue with its African Grantees and their German collaborators on: The future connectivity and involvement of African research scholars and teams in collaborative projects – particularly with German research institutions - to solve global problems and possibly; and the connectivity and involvement of German research scholars and teams in African led initiatives to address challenges in Africa.

The hosting of the workshop was organized by Dr. Christian Hulsebusch (CEO, DITSL); Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga (LARMAT) with support from Denise Amann (DITSL), Lutta Alphayo (LARMAT), Anne Siegmeier (DITSL). Present during the meeting was Prof. Richard Onwonga, Chairman LARMAT who gave opening remarks on behalf of the Dean Faculty of Agriculture.