Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable cellulose-based polymer hydrogel

Published on : January 2022

Nanotechnology in Paper and Wood Engineering


KiplangatRop1 George N.Karuku2 DamarisMbui1


In this work, a biodegradable cellulose-based nanocomposite PHG has been developed by heterogeneously grafting acrylic monomers onto cellulose fibers in the presence of nano-HA. The use of cellulose derived from WH could reduce the cost of production, impart biodegradability, and enhance the swelling and mechanical strength while at the same time helping to root out the weed through commercial use. The formulated product was characterized for potential agricultural application as a SRF and soil conditioner, particularly in ASALs and in problematic soils such as Vertisols where water retention and release is essential for plant growth. The release of P from nanocomposite PHG into the soil is considered to depend on microbial degradation of the copolymer and solubilization of nano-HA, and subsequent diffusion of P.