Dr. Oliver Wasonga (Dept. LARMAT) and Dr. Evans Chimoita (Dept. Agricultural Economics) from 6-to 10th October 2021 joined the Eric Omollo (PhD student, LARMAT) on a reconnaissance survey and stakeholder sensitization on his PhD research. The field visit was used to undertake a reconnaissance survey of the proposed study sites, stakeholder sensitization on the research project, enumerators’ identification and training, and testing of data collection tools. The PhD research is titled “Analysis of Use Value of Indigenous Range Grasses and Perceptions on Pasture Production and Conservation among Pastoralists in Northern Kenya”.

The study aims to “analyze socio-cultural and economic use value of indigenous grasses, perceptions on pasture production and conservation practices and long-term trends in availability and access to indigenous grass ecotypes among pastoral communities in northern Kenya”. The results are expected to inform policy interventions and practices aimed at enhancing sustainable and resilient pastoral ecosystems and livelihoods in the face of climate change. The Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) sponsors Erick’s PhD programme, which is a Government of Kenya project jointly supported by the World Bank. KCSAP is being implemented over a five-year period (2017-2022) under the framework of the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy (ASDS) (2010-2020) and National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS, 2010). Its objective is to increase agricultural productivity and enhance resilience to climate change risks in the targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities in Kenya.