Dr. Kibet, Carolyne and Catherine (MSC student) at her demonstration site at Lake Baringo periphery’s

On 11-13th October, 2023,  Dr. Staline Kibet and Carolyne Kyalo from University of Nairobi (UON), (LARMAT), and Winnie Nunda from Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, (CABI), David Amudavi, Charei Munene, Charles Kimani from Biovision Africa and Dub Isacko from Kenya Forestry Research Institute (Baringo, Regional Centre) facilitated a Native PEP inception Workshop. In attendance was MSc students from University of Nairobi, Department of LARMAT, Ms. Catherine Ndungu.

In the sediments by Director Biovision Africa Trust David Amudavi appreciated the community for the passionate concern toward Baringo landscape and informed by the end of the consultative meeting, potential intervention to restore wetlands and rangelands will be discussed, identify existing challenges to implementation and possible mitigation measures. Carolyne from University of Nairobi suggested introduction of enclosure to realize regrowth of indigenous grasses/ plant species in Baringo County for restoration and afforestation assuming Prosopis will have managed at early growth stages.

Native Plants for Environment and People (Native PEP) supports research project for a MSC Student (Ms. Catherine Ndungu) in Range Management supervised by Dr. Staline Kibet. Her project experiments on mixed species of legumes and grasses along Lake Baringo progressing well. Catherine is investigating the interaction of legumes (Indogofera erecta, Indigofera clifordiana, Indigofera schimperi and, Lablab, Stylosanthes fruticosa and grass species (Cenchrus ciliaris, Eragrostis superba, Entoropogon macrostachyus.

Dr. Staline Kibet is the lead researcher and PI at the University of Nairobi in Native PEP project .