Top scientists in The the faculty of Agriculture

LARMAT scientists shine in the “AD Scientific Index -Top 1000 Scientists in Kenya”. Prof.N.K. Karanja, Prof C.K.K.Gachene, and Dr. Oliver V.Wasonga were ranked in positions 62, 70 and 144 country wide and 25, 30 and 57 at the University of Nairobi respectively. They are in the top ten at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary sciences where they are at positions 1, 2&7.

Other LARMAT Scientist top 1000 were, Dr. Stephen Mureithi (188), Prof. Moses Nyangito (266), Prof. Jesse Njoka(300), Dr. Fredrick Ayuke(308), Prof. Richard Onwonga( 345), Prof. Shellemiah Keya( 361), Prof. Kironchi(541), Prof . George Karuku(549) and Dr. Staline Kibet ( 972). Congratulations our Scientists.

The “AD Scientific Index” is the first and only study that shows the total and the last five-year productivity coefficients of scientists based on h-index and i10 index scores and citations in Google Scholar. Furthermore, the index provides the ranking and assessment of scientists in academic subjects and branches and in 14,120 universities, 212 countries, regions, and the world. In other words, the “AD Scientific Index” provides both the ranking and analysis results. Besides the indexing and ranking functions, AD Scientific Index sheds light on academic lives and offers the user the opportunity to perform an efficient academic analysis to scrutinize and detect faulty and unethical profiles, plagiarism, forgery, distortion, duplications, fabrication, slicing, unfair authorship and several manifestations of academic mobbing.


Criteria for ranking

Ranking of scientists by the university, country, region, and in the world was performed based on

the “total h-index”. The ranking criteria based on the “total h-index” scores were used in the following order: Firstly, the “total h-index” scores; secondly, the total number of citations; and thirdly, the “total i10 index” scores (1. Total h-index scores, 2. Total number of citations, 3. Total i10 index scores, 4.Last 5 years’ h-index scores).