Community Research feedback Session at a Water Hole in Kula Mawe, Kinna Ward, Isiolo County

Dates: April 6-11, 2023.

The Drought Resilience in East African dryland Regions (DRIER) project is a collaborative research project funded by the Royal Society and implemented by a consortium that include Bristol University (BU), UK (Lead institution); University of Nairobi, Kenya (LARMAT); Addis Abba University (AAU), Ethiopia, among other collaborators. The aim of the project is to strengthen understanding of the changing regional water balance in the drylands of Kenya and Ethiopia, by integrating the hydrological, climatic and social dimensions of this change.

In Kenya we have focused most of our work on Isiolo County, and especially the wards of Burat and Kinna, with some hydrological analysis also for the wider Ewaso Ng’iro river catchment. Together with analysis of physical data, we have also undertaken detailed research at community level in Burat and Kinna wards, with the aim of understanding better people’s reliance on different water sources and their experiences of the impacts of drought.

Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga (LARMAT); Prof. Roger Few (UEA); Dr. Dagmawi Asfaw (BU); Lutta Alphayo (LARMAT) undertook a stakeholder feedback exercise with the County Government staff, and communities in Kinna, Burat Wards of Isiolo County from April 6-11, 2023.

The research findings from DRIER project were summarized and translated into Kiswahili and presented as posters to the communities with help of the local research assistants. The findings were entailed: changing rainfall & drought patterns - observations & experiences; understanding the dynamics of water availability; and key implications of the research approach.