Dr. Oliver Wasonga of the Department of LARMAT from 17th to 19th December, 2019 represented the University of Nairobi at the regional workshop organized by IGAD to finalize applied research proposal on Integrated Natural Resource Management in IGAD’s drylands. The workshop was convened by IGAD to bring together National Experts and Members of the IGAD Dryland Research Forum to streamline the implementation of identified bankable projects through natural resources management for livelihood enhancement in ASALs of IGAD. The workshop drew the road map for further development and implementation of the following identified areas of intervention through various studies by IGAD and partners: a) Regional cross-border Research Project on NRM and Livelihood support in 3 cluster areas of IGAD; b) A concept note on the Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) developed by IGAD in collaboration with the CIFOR and ILRI.

The specific objectives of the workshop were to:

  1. share experiences on the integrated NRM and environmental protection;
  2. create a common understanding on the concept of the INRM initiative;
  3. enrich and /or improve the draft Concept Note in getting thematic issues for the project preparation; and
  4. merge the two project proposals, propose intervention sites and implementation modalities.

The workshop was expected to yield elaborated road map that leads to the implementation of the identified projects and project idea through:

  1. Experience of Member states on the NRM shared among participants;
  2. Common understanding on INRM created;
  3. Additional issues/ideas incorporated in the Concept Note; and
  4. One consolidated project proposal ready for resource mobilization.