Ms. Naomi Chepsug Ms. Damaris Kikwai

The following students: Ms. Naomi, Chepsug from Egerton University undertaking degree in Animal Nutrition and Ms. Damaris Kikwai from Maseno University pursuing degree in Animal Science Are recruited interns under the Kenyan component of NEADAP (Netherlands - East Africa Dairy Partnership) project, run by a partnership between SNV Kenya and Wageningen University & Research Netherlands. The larger project also involves Agriterra, Solid aridad as core partners and expands to other East African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

The two between 13th -22 July 2022 will be under internship programme in the Department of Land Resources Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT) under supervision of Dr. Asaah Ndambi, an international lecturer in LARMAT. Naomi will focus on undertaking research on improved manure management practices while Damaris will work on the Economics of Fodder production. It is anticipated the mentorship / supervision will continue until December 20th 2022, with frequent visits to their supervisor affiliated at the University of Nairobi, LARMAT under mentorship agreement with NEADAP.