In set Dr. Oscar Koech

During the Midterm evaluation meeting for the project, Supporting Climate Change Adaptation for Communities through Integrated Soil–Cropping–Livestock Production Systems (AFRA) regional project, great lessons from Egyptian land that has been farmed over 1000 years! Yet productivity remains high and soil fertility remains well managed! This reminded us of the biblical Joseph at the age of 30 (Genesis 41:46-56), and Yusuf Prophecy in the Quran,  gives us the wisdom of prayers and coming into action with the wisdom of managing and farming that saved humanity in the land for the 7 years of droughts! Science, skills, experience and adaptive practices proved that Egyptian farmers have continued to take care of their land, and have continued to strive to save every pinch of soil, every drop of water, and excellently applying the principles of Integrated Soil-Crop Livestock Production. Africa is a blessed land, with great opportunities!  The research organizations, development partners have to embrace sustainable systems and support communities’ resilience.