Ms C. Kyalo demonstrating on species identification and quick herbarium skills

Ms. Carolyne Kyalo trained pastoral and agro-pastoral communities of Garissa and Kitui Counties on Participatory Range Management (PRM). The aim of this exercise to help these communities in identifying potential plant and grass species for the restoration degraded lands in which their livestock’s depends on. These grazing resources are highly affected by human activities such as deforestation, informal settlements, pressure of communal lands, lack of by-law informing decision making on sustainable rangeland management practices, political interests, improper land tenure as well as poor grazing management practices.

This has prompted Ministry of Agriculture and livestock’s, State department of livestock to implement TWENDE (Towards ending drought emergencies: Ecosystem based Adaptation in Kenya's arid and semi-arid rangelands”). The TWENDE aim is to reduce the cost of climate change induced drought in Kenya’s national economy by increasing resilience of the livestock and other land use sectors in restored and effectively governed rangeland ecosystems”.

Using Various vegetation analysis methods, Ms. Kyalo trained the two communities on how to identify herbaceous species (forbs), grasses, trees and shrubs. In the participatory exercises, the plants benefits to animal, soil health, soil conservation as well as to human benefit was key. The communities actively participated in the event and several species with potential benefits were identified. These species will be used to restore the ASALS of the Garissa, Kitui, Tanariver Counties.

In Garissa County, Range Management unit were represented by Saka, Seretho, and Masalani pastoral committees while the Agro-pastoral Communities of Kitui County were from Tseikuru, Kyuso, Tharaka and Ngomeni Ward all in Mwingi North.

The communities were also trained on proper use of shared resources to minimize human- animal and inter community conflicts.

The team was led by Stanely Humaiya, the Deputy Director, Directorate of Livestock Production, Kenya.

Pictorials of Participatory Range management in Garissa and Kitui County


Fig 2. RMU committee identifying trees