Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga Participating in the Online E-content Development Training

The e-content development training workshop under the AICCRA project and supported by RUFORUM was held on 14-15 February 2024. The online training workshop comprised of representatives from RUFORUM member Universities from Eastern, Western and Southern Africa. This was part of RUFORUM’s initiatives of supporting capacity building for Instructors in Digital Pedagogy, Instructional Design; Content Development and Digitization. Prof. Oliver Vivian Wasonga of Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology represented the University of Nairobi.

Objectives of the Training

The goal of the training was to facilitate the successful integration of E-learning into the teaching and learning of the selected courses via the RUFORUM E-Learning System. The specific objectives of the Training were:

  1. Capacity Building for Instructors: Provide training and support to instructors, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective digital pedagogy, instructional design, and content development for e learning.
  2. Content Digitization and Accessibility: Support instructors in digitizing and enhancing their educational content, ensuring it is accessible, engaging, and aligned with best practices for online education.

Contents of Training

The training covered mainly the following topics, among others:

  1. Understanding Digital Pedagogy
  2. Understanding e-learning course design
  3. Facilitating Active Digital Learning
  4. Integration of Digital Resources and online Platforms
  5. Effective E-Learning Content Design using the Learning Object Concept
  6. The need for e-content
  7. The process of e-Content Development
  8. e-Content rendering and structuring
  9. Developing Engaging Instructional Material through Rapid E-content Development
  10. EXE e-Learning Architecture (e-Learning Objects and Guide to e-Learning Content Development using EXE)

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the training, participants were expected to acquire skills on pedagogy, Instruction Design and Rapid content development.

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