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PhD Dryland Resource Management 2012/2013

Alice Chepkemoi Ruto

She  is a kenyan  and  holds MSc  in Rural Sociology and Community Development from the University of Nairobi.  BSc  in agriculture.Ms ruto has over 23 years in agriculture extension  and community  development on sustainable use of natural resources.

Charity  Nasieku Konana

Ms Konana is a kenyan  who holds  M.Phil in Environmental Studies.and B.A in Major Community Development and administartion. her  research interests include the Mara River Basin, Resilience, Equilibrium and Non Equilibrium Systems, Dryland Resource Policy, the Mau Forest, Climate Change and Sustainable Livelihoods.  She is Assistant Lecturer and  researcher at Narok University College.

Kaiira Moses Gofrey Bagiire

Pursuing PhD in Dryland Resource Management at the University of Nairobi (Kenya) and my proposed PhD Research title is “Allelopathic interactive effects of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L) and aromatic plants in Dryland ecosystems of eastern Uganda”. A holder of MSc and BSc in agriculture. Iam a Research officer (Crop Agronomist) with the Uganda National Agricultural Organization (NARO) working under the Eastern Uganda Agro-ecological Zone covering 24 districts.  Mr.Bagiire  is  Project leader for two on-going projects (2011-2015) under the Uganda Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Services (ATAAS) project  "Integrated weed management in maize and upland rice" and "Enhancing maize productivity through intercropping systems"

Katumba Balikitenda

He is currently a PhD Student - Dryland Resource Management at the University of Nairobi. The proposed and tentative PhD research title is “Mapping baseline carbon, seasonal dynamics and stakeholder perception of climate change in Uganda’s rangelands” . a graduate of MSc.  in Forestry Thesis – “Predicting the functional role of tree species in restoration of degraded forests; a case of Mabira Forest Reserve Uganda” Research interests include:  His research interest  includes, Climate change, physiology of tree seeds, functional ecology and resilience in trees/forest ecosystems.

Richard Kavila Kyuma

Currently pursuing a PhD in Dryland Resource Management at the University of Nairobi. ProposedConcept title: “Evaluation of the potential of Prosopis juliflora for mitigation of the impacts of climate change and enhancement of resilience for livelihoods of the drought prone pastoral communities of Kenya”.Mr. Kyuma is  a graduate of the ITC , MSc. Geospatial data management for Natural resource management:  Thesis – “A dry season grazing reserves site selection model for drought management in the pastoral production systems”; and BSc in Range management. Head of Community based Livestock Early Warning Systems (CB-LEWS) and Commercial and Local Utilization of Prosopis Leaves and Pods for Feeding Livestock, Drought Mitigation and Grazing Land Restoration (PROSOPIS PROJECT) in the ASAL based Livestock and Rural Livelihoods Support Project (ALLPRO).

Paul Anguria

Paul is currently pursuing a PhD in Dry Land Resource Management at University of Nairobi. He graduated with BSc. in Agriculture and MSc. in Crop Science from Makerere University.  Paul has worked for more than 12 years in a number of departments/organizations as an Agronomist. He is currently working with National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) - Uganda as a Research Officer/Agronomist.

Dr. Pauline Njoki  Gitonga

Dr. Gitonga is persuing a full time PhD in Dryland Resource Mangement at the University of Nairobi. proposed reserch titles "Design Sustainable Animal Health Delivery Systems in  Response to Pastoralist Mobility as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy in the Kenyan Drylands.” . she holds MSc   in Veterinary Clinical Medicine  thesis, Postpartum Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows in Medium and Large Scale Farms in Kiambu and Nakuru districts of Kenya” and BSc in Veterinary Medicine.  Currently she is  a Tutorial Fellow at the Department of Clinical Studies , University of Nairobi.

John  Kariuki  Kamanu

Agricultural graduate, currently pursuing a PhD programme in Dryland Resource Management at University of Nairobi. My research focus is on “adaptation of drought tolerant common bean varieties with emphasis on agropastoral production systems to address household micronutrient deficiency”,  Mr kamanu  is a holder of  (B.Sc. Agriculture, honours in crop sciences) and a Masters graduate (MSc. in Agricultural Resource Management) . He is an associate member of Kenya Society for Agricultural Professionals (KESAP). Mr. Kamanu has eleven years of dedicated service to the Agricultural Society and the agricultural industry in Kenya. He currently works for the Training Centre in Communication, Chiromo Campus  and lecturer in Dept. of plant science and crop protection CAVS.

Nicholas Mutuku Syano

Currently undertaking a PhD in Dryland Resource Management at the University of Nairobi. MSc  in Natural Resources Management.  Thesis "self-help food and fuel supplement for the poor communities in Kenya"  Mr. Syano is  trained in Permaculture which deals with designing sustainable systems for human settlements. works as  a consultant  with Permaculture Research Institute –Kenya.He co-founded Drylands Natural Resources Centre (DNRC) which is a local NGO focusing on promoting sustainable development of natural resources of the dryland regions of Kenya

PhD Dryland Resource Management 2008/2009, 2010/2011/