Collaborations in Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology


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Africa Forest Forum

A platform For Stakeholders in Forestry

The African Forest Forum is an association of individuals with a commitment to the sustainable management, wise use and conservation of Africa’s forest and tree resources for the socio-economic well-being of its peoples and for the stability and improvement of its environment.




ALIN hopes to empower people to use technology to promote community development and bring services such as skills development, e-commerce and e-learning closer to the people. The Maarifa centres are also the hubs that create local opportunities for the people through Business Process Outsourcing.


Link: Arid Lands Information Network





Collaborative Change Communication Is


Colorado States University

Link: CSU


Link: e-Agriculture

Food Tank - The Food Think Tank

Link: Food Tank - The Food Think Tank

German Institute For Tropical And Subtropical Agriculture

Link: DITSL-German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture

Harvest Public Media

Link: Harvest Public Media

Higher Educatgion For Development


Higher Education for Development (HED) works in close partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and operates with the advice and counsel of the six major presidential higher education associations to support the engagement of higher education in development issues worldwide.


Link: HED



International Institute For Environment And Development

Link: iied

Kenya Agricultural Training Institute

Link: Kenya Agricultural Training Institute

Kenya Wildlife Service

Link: KWS

Mpala Research Centre And Mpala Wildlife Foundation

The Mpala Research Centre; The main goal of the partner organizations was to create a site for multidisciplinary research and training in Africa


Link: Mpala Research Centre







The East African Wild Life Society

The East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS) came into being in 1961 through a merger of the Kenya and Tanzania Wild Life Societies (both formed in 1956) and wildlife enthusiasts from Uganda. EAWLS was established as a membership organisation as reflected in its Constitution and is also registered as a Non – Governmental Organisation (NGO) under the NGO Act of Kenya of 1990.


Link: East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS)

The Kenya Forestry Research Institute

The Kenya Forestry Research Institute was established in 1986 under the science and Technology Act (Chapter 250) to carry out research in forestry and allied natural resources. The institute has eight research and development programes namely; Farm Forestry,Natural Forests,Dryland Forests,Industrial Forest Plantations,Technology Dissemination & Service Programme,Partnership & Networks Tree Seed,Corporate Affairs,Enterprise Office.


The Melia Project

Melia Project promotes commercial production and utilization of Melia volkensii, commonly known as Mukau, in rural arid and semiarid areas (ASALs) in Kenya.We seek to help famers who are coming to grips with the rapidly changing climate by equiping them with the necessary knowledge and input required to adapt to the ever changing climate.


Link: The Melia Project

Training Centre In Communication



The Training Centre in Communication(TCC), is the  first African-based training centre to teach effective communication skills  to scientists.TCC  is a Trust, established as a non-profit entity in 2006 and is registered in Kenya. Has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Nairobi, School of Biological Sciences, and has its headquarters on the Chiromo Campus, Nairobi, Kenya.


Link: TCC

University Of Nairobi's African Drylands Institute For Sustainability (adis) Supports The Proposed Partnership With Galilee International Management Institute (gimi)

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University Of Natural Resources And Applied Life Science (boku)

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, the Alma Mater Viridis, perceives itself as a teaching and research center for renewable resources, which are necessary for human life. It is BOKU's objective to help make a considerable contribution to the conservation and protection of resources for future generations by providing diversity in its fields of study. Connecting natural sciences, engineering and economic sciences, we wish to increase knowledge of the ecologically and economically sustainable use of natural resources, to provide a harmoniously cultivated landscape.

Link: BOKU



Vacid Africa

Value chain-support business is about creating agricultural value chain linked organizations. Our role has been to identify a value chain that has potential to create wealth for people in a given smallholder environment. We then work with government or donor supported initiatives to make it possible for us to deliver training in value chain based production, after which we support them to undertake value addition on the produce.


Link: VACID Africa

Willpower Enterprise

WillPower is a consulting company that combines ICT and other consulting assignments from a strategic and wealth creation focus. We help our partners to evolve, from their internal strength, a strategy to see opportunities even in very lean times. We make propositions on the use of technology, on lateral and vertical linkages with other sectoral players that promotes wealth creation


Link: Willpower Enterprise