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Tue, 2017-05-02 14:37
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On 2nd, May 2017,  Seth J. Itzkan, Founder and Director of the soil4climate presented on measures of  restoring soil to Reverse Global Warming. Soil is an important sequester for carbon. In carbon cycle there is 4 times more carbon in soil than in vegetation, above ground biomass. Conservation measures could be introduced to restore soil capacity to sequester carbon and reduce global warming especially in arid and semi-arid rangelands. Below are approaches that have been used by other countries such Zimbabwe.These are;  a) introduction of adaptive multi-paddock instead of continuous grazing b) reforestation, c) organic farming, d) cover crops and non-till, e) use of biochar instead of charcoal f) Holistic management and Innovative policy developments.

After the presentation the Director, Soil for climate and the director centre for regenerative pastoralism - Dalmas Tiampati held a short consultative meeting with LARMAT staff who had attended the guest lecture.

In the meeting, Dr. Onwonga, Dr. Wasonga  together with PhD students explored possible areas of collaboration and partnerships.

 Possibilities for student attachment /internship at the Centre for regenerative pastoralism located at Kajiado County Narok were discussed. Besides attachment and/or internship, the director indicated that center was available for postgraduate students in the relevant academic disciplines to undertake there research. Partnership in proposal writing was discussed at length and agreed that, the focus of such calls will be on rehabilitation of degraded pastoral and agropastoral areas. LARMAT staff promised to consult further with the director ADIS on possibilities of carrying outside mapping to identify the key issues faced by the community for further research and setting up demo (experimental) sites for the students to undertake dry land oriented research.

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Sun, 2020-05-31 14:37
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chairman, LARMAT.