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Tue, 2017-01-03 10:09
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CAVS Board room

Prof. Kiama Gitahi congratulating Dr. Judy Mbau during the Award Ceremony of year 2016 Best Teachers at College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS)

Best teachers from each Department within the CAVS were awarded on 22nd December, 2016.  It was the first ever award ceremony of its kind in the college. The event was meant to recognize contribution of lecturers in academics and as well mentorship attributes to the students. The ceremony served to acknowledge their devotion of time and talents towards nurturing the students’ talents. It sought to appreciate the impacts of the very best teachers from each department not only on their students’ academic lives but also on their social lives and communities around them. Dr Judy Mbau emerged the best teacher in the Department of Land Resources Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT).

Voting was purely done from the students’ perspective and understanding. The main parameters that were used by the students to arrive at their most preferred teachers were those;

connect to them closer to act as a role model, teach to impart knowledge and understanding, make lectures enjoyable by motivating students, encourage students’ participation in class, relate theory to practical application of the knowledge, are time conscious, correct students politely, portray an aspect of humility as well as flexibility, observe timely return of marked continuous assessment test scripts, are able to interact with the students outside their academic spheres, are willing to link up the student to employers and other attachment place and  respond to their questions appropriately while teaching in class.

The certificate award ceremony was chaired by Prof. Kiama Gitahi, the College Principal.

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