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Wed, 2016-10-19 17:13
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Marsabit County, Kenya

                 Dr. Stephen Mureithi training the participants

Planting grasses and fodder production remains culturally unaccepted as an economic activity. Over the years, most people have and believed that only God can plant grasses. God we are helping you plant grass,” this was a sentiment by farmers in Golbo ward, Marsabit County during the pasture week held from 3rd to 12thOctober 2016. A big gap, therefore, needs to be filled through training and demonstration on pasture production for both subsistence and commercial uses. This subsequently improves animal feed sustainability and livelihoods. The people of Marsabit County are becoming receptive towards pasture production as a consequence of the training.

The pasture week in Marsabit County aimed to inaugurate pasture production demonstrations, land preparation and broadcasting of the grass seeds. The participating stakeholders in the training were the University of Nairobi represented by Dr. Stephen Mureithi from department of Land Resources and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT). Officials from REGAL-AG, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Marsabit County, Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organisation (KARLO) represented by Mr. Hussein Walaga and National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) representatives

The people of Marsabit County have agreed to be part of the change for sustainability through fodder production.

They have fenced their lands and are actively preparing their land by tilling and removing aggressive weeds. With the assistance of Dr. Stephen Mureithi the farmers in Badassa, Jaldesa, Mountain, Karare, Sololo, Dirdima, Watiti, Heilu, Manyatta and Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) Moyale learnt how to prepare land for grass planting and selection of grass varieties for planting.

A total number of 130 men and 118 women participated in the training. Grass species planted were Cenchrus ciliaris (African foxtail) and Eragrostis superba (Masai love grass) in 23.5 hectares.


           A farmers broadcasting  pasture seeds

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