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Date and time: 
Thu, 2015-07-30 16:03
Location / Venue: 

Dept. of LARMAT


Haggai Onyango Ndukhu defended his PHD Thesis in Soil Science.  Mr. Ndukhu's research topic was "Crop Perfomance and soil Nutrient Dynamics under different Organic Based Cropping Systems in Central Kenya".





Madegwa Msavi Yvonne defended her MSc. Thesis in Land and Water.  Ms. Madegwa's research topic was "Modeling Nutrient Dynamics and Yield of Finger Millet (eleusine coracana) in Semi-arid Eastern Kenya using the Agricultural Simulator Model (APSM)".




Mary Wanjiku Gachie defended her MSc. Thesis in Land and Water.  Ms. Gachie's research topic was "Invitro Evaluation of Phizobacteria Isolates for Control of Bacterial Wilt and Growth Enhancement of Potato (Solanum tuberrosum)".





Anyuka Noel Templer defended his MSc. Thesis in Sustainable Soil Resource Management.  Mr. Anyuka's research topic was "Enhancing Phorophorus release from Mijingu Rock Phosphate using legume Maize Cropping Systems for improved Maize Yields and Soil Properties in Kabete, Kiambu County".



Mirriam Nduku Muli defended her MSc. Thesis in Sustainable Soil Resource Management. Ms. Muli's research topic was "Simulation of Soil Moisture and Crop Yields in Sorghum (sorghum bicolor i.) and Sweet Potato (ipomea batatas L. lam) based Cropping Systems using Cropsyst Model in Matuu Division, Kenya.




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Mon, 2018-12-31 16:03
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Chairman, Dept. of LARMAT (