A comprehensive Ranch Report, Gicheha Ranch (Farms) Ziwani)
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The ranch practice is a university requirement for the Bsc. degree in range management, which entails the field attachment and coming in touch with the real management issues that are presented at the ground. It exposes the students to the application of real management principles learned theoretically in class to the field experiments. It presents itself in the way it introduces the student to animal's welfare and the range environments per say. It also gives interactive ability with the people who have skills and experience of management issues in the field.

Gicheha farm is a big farming unit that is complex diversity productivity enterprises and firms. Gicheha farms are several with five estates namely;

  • Sukari in Nairobi
  • Mwatate
  • Gathe
  • Ronga; in Nakuru.
  • Ziwani estates in Taita Tavata district.

In Ziwani estate there are several enterprise that the farm deal with. There is voyager that deals with tourists handling situated within the farm estates, irrigation of the crops like tobacco, maize and some cotton, keeping of livestock like Goat and sheep at large scale. The practice thus was mainly on the goat and sheep enterprise, which is the main ranch activity, in question.