Ranch Attachment Report from Malili Ranching Company limited
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The ranch is found in the range lands and therefore in asals. The ranch hardly supports crop farming because the rainfall is very unreliable and it’s usually below 650 mm per annum. In this ranch there are very many resources which are very important to the economy of this country, Resources such as people (Maasai) livestock, wildlife, vegetations, soils and water are common .This being the case we realized that areas are the major attraction to Tourists who come to see wild animals such as Giraffes and also see the funny Masaai tribe. Studies have shown that these resources are dependant to one another this is to say there is a natural balance of the Ecosystem with soil being the bottom line of all other resources, therefore we realize that there should be proper management of resources to ensure sustainance of the Natural balance and at the same time sustain the available resource, therefore to ensure this a course range management is there to bring up experts who are to guide sustainable utilization of resources.