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Fri, 2017-06-16 10:08
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University of Natural resources and applied life science (BOKU). Vienna, AUSTRIA

Dr. Onwonga participating in a Joint public seminar christened "Happy and Sustainable Organic Farming"

Yes! Environmentally sound, socially acceptable, economically feasible - organic agriculture promises much, but can it guarantee food supply? Mitigate climate change? And does it add to a nation’s happiness?  Organic, sustainable, happiness discussion took place  on 29th May, 2017 in Vienna.

This and many other issues, around the subject, were jointly deliberated on by Sonam Tashi (Royal University of Bhutan, Dean at College for Natural Resources) and Richard Onwonga, a Senior lecturer in the department of Land Resources and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT), University of Nairobi  and BOKU Alumni. The audience comprised of renowned scientists/researchers, scholars, staff and students at CDR and BOKU. Prof. Tashi explored the various facets of organic agriculture in relation to his country Bhutan. He strongly articulated the role of organic agriculture (OA) in guaranteeing food availability, climate change mitigation and nations’ happiness. Dr. Onwonga on the other hand tackled the subject through a presentation titled “Agroecological practices for improving soil and crop productivity in East Africa”. Through the presentation, Dr. Onwonga undertook to demonstrate - using selected case studies in East Africa -

how application of agroecological production approaches increases soil and crop productivity and by extension guaranteeing improved food availability, human welfare and in general - the nation’s happiness. The two presentations laid the ground for further discussion and although - as expected in such forums - there were divergent view, all things considered, the consensus was OA has a role to play in guaranteeing sustainability of production systems.

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